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Collisions, Predators, Sense and Evolution

Over the last few meetings we have come a long way with our evolution game. Many have suggested creative ideas on new features we could add and have come up with creative solutions to implementing them. We've all had a lot of fun changing the parameters to see how our creatures behave, from increasing the... Continue Reading →

Evolution #2: Natural Movement

Today we programmed our creatures to move naturally within the canvas. We came up against a few bugs when we forgot to save certain files however visual Studio has autosave which once enabled, should help us in the future. Check out the code on JSFiddle. You can also follow along with Evolution Tutorial #1.

Evolution #1

After eating doughnuts and chocolate, we all successfully managed to all create a canvas where creatures randomly appeared and moved about. In our next meeting we’ll work on giving these creatures natural movement.

Pong #5: AI player

As a group we looked at different ways an AI paddle could predict where the ball would land so it will be impossible to beat. While it would be disheartening to play against such an AI, it was nonetheless interesting to look at how this could be done.

Pong #4: 2 Player

In this session we started on adding a second computer to our pong game. Oliver even managed to get a 2nd human player using the up and down keys. Check it out below! Code: JavaScript | HTML | CSS | Result

Pong #3: Ball

In this meeting, we added a ball to the game. We had to figure out how to make the ball move on the screen and at what speed. Some mathematical thinking was required. After lots of discussion, everyone figured out how they wanted the ball to move on the screen and programmed it in JavaScript.... Continue Reading →

Pong #2: keyListener

Following on from last time, we used the Javascript KeyListener to move the paddle up and down using the W and S keys. View the code below or follow our tutorial: Pong Tutorial #2: keyListener. Code: JavaScript | HTML | CSS | Result

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