Collisions, Predators, Sense and Evolution

Over the last few meetings we have come a long way with our evolution game. Many have suggested creative ideas on new features we could add and have come up with creative solutions to implementing them. We’ve all had a lot of fun changing the parameters to see how our creatures behave, from increasing the food spawn rate to manipulating the creature’s speed-size ratio. Over time everyone has got much more comfortable in JavaScript and a better understanding on how to convert their ideas into commands that the computer can understand.

New Features

  • Species – We now have different species of creature with their own properties such as speed, sense and size.
  • Birth – Creatures now multiply when they get to a certain size and their children have a 5% chance of becoming a new species.
  • Predators – Some creatures are herbivores who only eat food lying around whereas others are predators who only eat other creatures!
  • Sense – We have also built sense into our creatures so that they can locate food within a specific distance rather than randomly colliding with it by accident.

While we only have a a few sessions left before the end of the academic year, we look forward to seeing what more we can achieve before then!

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