Pong #3: Ball

In this meeting, we added a ball to the game. We had to figure out how to make the ball move on the screen and at what speed. Some mathematical thinking was required. After lots of discussion, everyone figured out how they wanted the ball to move on the screen and programmed it in JavaScript.... Continue Reading →

Pong #2: keyListener

Following on from last time, we used the Javascript KeyListener to move the paddle up and down using the W and S keys. View the code below or follow our tutorial: Pong Tutorial #2: keyListener. Code: JavaScript | HTML | CSS | Result

Pong #1: Paddle

This time we decided to build our Pong game in Javascript. We found this much easier as we could all run the code from our web browsers. To start off we built a paddle using a HTML5 canvas. We used https://jsfiddle.net as our editor. View the code below or follow our tutorial: Pong Tutorial #1: Paddle.... Continue Reading →

[Java] Pong

During this meeting we found that many of us found it hard to install Java on our computers or had problems with Eclipse, so we decided to go for a JavaScript solution instead. To get us introduced to game development, we are going to make Pong, “one of the earliest arcade video games.” If you're... Continue Reading →

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